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Giới thiệu về Khách sạn T&T

Located in center of Duong Dong, Phu Quoc where you can go to the Airport by 10 minutes and 5 minutes to Night Market. From our T&T Resort, you can walk to the beach only for 2 minutes. 

T&T Resort offers impeccable service aiming satisfy even the most discerning guests with luxury amenities. We have free Wifi for all rooms, luggage storage, parking lot,... Moreover, T&T Resort would introduce you local entertainment activities ensuring you always been interested in during the holidays. Enjoy the best services and a truly address in T&T Resort.

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Chọn phòng Khách sạn T&T

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Giờ nhận phòng: 14:00
Giờ trả phòng: 11:30

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