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Giới thiệu về Hoa Vàng Riverside Villa Hội An

Ideally situated on the poetic river bank which is considered as the crossing point of two enormous rivers namely Hoai River and Thu Bon River, Hoa Vang Riveview Villa offers you a quiet, relaxing and romantic atmosphere. Just 5-7 minutes walk to the bustling old quarters of Hoi An, our property offers easy access to all must-see charms of this ancient town such as the renowned Japanese Covered Bridge and other famous museum and assembly hall . At night, the villa overlooks the Thu Bon river, blends with the vivid sparkling lanterns along the peaceful river’s flow. In the evening, you can also take a boat trip on the river, merely 200 meters away. In addition, the Night market, which is either within the walking distance (approximately 5 minutes), features a wide range of authentic local dishes and souvenirs, therefore you will definitely experience a great time shopping there. The hospitable service as well as the superior amenities at Hoa Vang Riverside villa will ensure a pleasant stay for guests and an extremely memorable vacation in Hoi An Ancient Town.


- 5 minutes walk to Japanese Covered Bridge and the Ancient Town.

- 5 minutes walk to the Night market.

- 10 minutes cycle to Hoi An beach.

- 35 minutes drive to Da Nang international airport.

Tiện nghi Hoa Vàng Riverside Villa Hội An

  • Truyền hình cáp/vệ tinh
  • Tắm nước nóng
  • Phòng gia đình
  • Xe đưa đón tham quan tính phí
  • Taxi/Cho thuê xe hơi
  • Cho mượn xe đạp
  • Cho thuê xe đạp
  • Dọn phòng hàng ngày
  • Giặt khô
  • Thu đổi ngoại tệ
  • Két an toàn
  • Đặt vé xe/máy bay
  • Giữ hành lý miễn phí
  • Phòng tập thể
  • Khu vực hút thuốc
  • Dịch vụ trông trẻ tính phí
  • Bãi đỗ xe miễn phí
  • Wifi miễn phí
  • Giặt là
  • Hỗ trợ đặt tour
  • Lễ tân 24/24
  • Đưa đón sân bay tính phí
  • Cho thuê xe máy

Chính sách Hoa Vàng Riverside Villa Hội An

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Giờ trả phòng: 12:00

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