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Giới thiệu về Q.Homestay Garden Huế

Q HomeStay Garden is located in the heart of Hue city a world cultural heritage

Address: 06 Nguyen Binh, P Xuan Phu, Hue City

Q homestay was inaugurated and put into operation on December 1, 2019 All rooms are designed with optimal ventilation and light, with separate WC with shower in rooms.

Especially, there is a spacious garden and spacious patio to give you relaxing to enjoy coffee, reading, listening to music ... There is a spacious kitchen with a spacious dining table with full kitchen appliances for you to go by yourself. The market cooks my favorite foods.


* Reception 24/24

* We offer rental services for motorbikes / bicycles / train tickets, buses, airplanes, tour tickets ..


In addition, the owner is friendly and enthusiastic. Will definitely bring you a great experience during your stay.


Besides, I am also a very friendly and comfortable person. So do not hesitate to share with us what you are wondering or the difficulties you encounter while here.


We are also always looking forward to discovering the best places with you.


So why hesitate any longer now, let's plan to enjoy the great moments together.

Tiện nghi Q.Homestay Garden Huế

  • Quán bar
  • Quán cafe
  • Phòng gia đình
  • Cho thuê xe đạp
  • Tiện nghi BBQ
  • Dọn phòng hàng ngày
  • Giặt khô
  • Thu đổi ngoại tệ
  • Két an toàn
  • Đặt vé xe/máy bay
  • Giữ hành lý
  • Phòng tập thể
  • Dịch vụ trông trẻ tính phí
  • Bãi đỗ xe miễn phí
  • Chấp nhận thú cưng
  • Wifi miễn phí
  • Giặt là
  • Hỗ trợ đặt tour
  • Lễ tân 24/24
  • Cho thuê xe máy
  • Phục vụ đồ ăn tại phòng

Chính sách Q.Homestay Garden Huế

Giờ nhận phòng: 14:00
Giờ trả phòng: 12:00

Do not use stimulants


Do not play music for more than 11 PM (23:00)


No smoking in the bedroom

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