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Hà Nội: 024 7109 9999

Hồ Chí Minh: 028 7109 9998

Giới thiệu về PACE'' S HOMESTAY

Whether you're looking for a place to relax during your holiday or work during your business trip, it's our pleasure to provide you with our exceptional homestay services inside an accommodation which you'll find absolutely comfortable to live in. 
We are a hospitable family of 4 people living together. We speak Vietnamese as our mother tongue and English as our second language. We're fluent in English and have learned quite a lot about the culture in many countries. We pretty understand what you guests need during your stay with our family. Except the basic services you can use in your room, we offer additional home facilities and tools as well as help and guidance, such as places for sightseeing and nightlife. 
We're responsible for making your trip unforgettable. Come to live with us!

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Chọn phòng PACE'' S HOMESTAY

Chính sách PACE'' S HOMESTAY

Giờ nhận phòng: 14:00
Giờ trả phòng: 11:30

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