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Trải nghiệm - Review - Đánh Giá Thien Hoang 2 Hotel - mới nhất 4/2024

4.6Kém(4 đánh giá)
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Thien Hoang 2 Hotel
Thien Hoang 2 Hotel ở Đà Lạt cung cấp truy cập Wi-Fi miễn phí và bữa sáng hàng ngày. Khách sạn có chỗ đỗ xe miễn phí và các phòng nghỉ được trang bị TV, ban công và phòng tắm riêng với đồ vệ sinh cá nhân miễn phí. Nơi đây cũng có lễ tân 24 giờ và các tiện nghi khác như dịch vụ đặt vé, bàn đặt tour và chỗ để hành lý. Khách sạn cách Hồ Xuân Hương, Vườn Hoa Đà Lạt và Ngôi nhà Điên Hằng Nga không xa và cách sân bay Nha Trang 85 km.

Tóm tắt đánh giá khách sạn

Thien Hoang 2 Hotel is a budget hotel in Da Lat, Vietnam. Despite its affordable price, the hotel received mixed reviews from guests. Some guests complained about the poor condition of the rooms, including mold on the walls, dirty bedsheets, and a lack of towels and toilet paper. The staff's English proficiency was also mentioned as a downside. On the positive side, the staff was friendly and the home-cooked food was praised. The hotel's location was considered decent, with attractions like the lake and city center within walking distance. However, noise from a nearby nightclub was a common complaint. Overall, while the hotel offers a cheap option for accommodation, guests should be prepared for basic amenities and potential noise disturbances.

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Cheapest in town, but still not worth it


We booked one night in Thien Hoang 2 Hotel before we arrived, since it was the cheapest double room on Booking.com. We were in a "Superior" room, meaning that it came with bonus mold on the walls, a shower full of the previous guest's hair, burnt bedsheets and a pervading smell of mildew, but lacked towels or toilet paper. When we asked for towels to use the shower, we were reluctantly provided with a single one to share. We were first told that more towels would be available at 11pm. But 11pm came and went, and the answer to our request just became "no". The receptionist cited the manager when we asked about towels, but refused to let us speak to him. As for toilet paper, we ended up needing to track that down ourselves from an empty room. Breakfast is listed as included in the hotel description, but check the fine print for the room as it wasn't for our room type once we'd booked. The dining area was a nice place to sit in the morning, even without breakfast. The hotel is across the road from a nightclub that blares out loud music into the wee hours of the morning. We were at the back of the hotel, out of WIFI range but still within range of the music. The creaky-springed bed wasn't the worst we've used travelling between cheap hotels In Vietnam and Laos, but was far from the best. At 5.90 USD a night, the room wasn't much cheaper than the nicer 6-8USD guesthouses, hotels and "homestays" (accommodation-type descriptions are largely a matter of choice in Da Lat) strewn across town. We splashed out an extra 10 cents on a nicer room with friendly staff after one night.
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Value for money


Rất tốt
OK, so maybe the rooms and the staff's English are basic, but you can't expect too much at the price you're paying. Also, the staff is very friendly and the home cooked food is amazing! As mentioned before, the internal windows had no glass in them and it tended to be a bit noisy at times. It might therefore be a good idea to ask for a room on the outside of the hotel. Overall, we had a great time!
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Worst Hotel I ever stayed in


I changed my travel plans quite sponaneously and didn't check the reviews of this hotel properly. I guess otherwise I wouldn't have stayed there. There is one good thing on this hotel - it is incredibly cheap. But you get what you pay for. The location is not too bad - you can walk to the lake and the city centre in about 15 minutes. The misery started when we arrived at the hotel. I had a confirmed reservation by booking.com, but they seemed to have lost it. The receptionists were really confused. After I showed them the confirmation e-mail they showed us a room that didn't have a window (we booked a room with a balcony) and had a hole in the wall to the corridor. It was quite late in the night and they promised us to give us a different room the next day, so we took it. There were dead cockroaches on the floor, the towels and sheets were dirty and there was no thought of sleeping, because of the club right opposite the hotel and the other hotel guests, who were shouting undisturbed by the hotel staff untill 2 am. They started shouting again at 5 am. The next day they told us that they couldn't give us another room and offered a discount of one dollar for the room. As we were leaving quite early the day after, we didn't change hotel. They didn't make the room as well, but at this point I hadn't expected it anymore. The staff was friendly but not really helpful.
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Basic Hotel


Trung bình
For about $10 per night including breakfast this hotel offers value for the money - but you get what you pay for. The room was small and basic. No external window and the small internal window had no glass in it so all the noise came in. The bathroom was basic but could have a hot shower. The staff were friendly and helpful. Offered eggs for breakfast and when told I was allergic to eggs the girl went out and bought me a sandwich. On the second morning we were given lovely home made soup and fresh baguettes for breakfast. The hotel was located within walking distance of the market and a few decent restaurants.
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Thời gian check-in, check-out của Thien Hoang 2 Hotel?

Thien Hoang 2 Hotel có thời gian check-in từ 14:00 và thời gian check-out trước 12:00.

Thien Hoang 2 Hotel có mấy tầng và có bao nhiêu phòng nghỉ?

Thien Hoang 2 Hotel có 4 tầng và 18 phòng.

Tôi muốn được tư vấn và hỗ trợ đặt phòng Thien Hoang 2 Hotel bằng cách nào?

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  • Vị trí : 4.6
  • Giá phòng : 4.6
  • Phục vụ : 4.6
  • Vệ sinh : 4.6
  • Tiện nghi : 4.6
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    Thien Hoang 2 Hotel cách sân bay gần nhất 25km

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